WF Freeze postponed to February 22nd

14 02 2015

ATTENTION! I apologize for the last minute notice and any inconvenience, but due to the forecasted weather conditions we are postponing the Freeze until next Sunday February 22nd.

It will be in everyone’s best interest to not be outdoors for extended times and it is for everyone’s safety that we made this decision. I apologize again for any inconveniences, but I can’t in good conscience promote my friends and family putting themselves at undue risk of hypothermia and frostbite.

The show will go on Sunday February 22nd. Please spread the word.

8th Annual WF Freeze, Sunday February 15th 2015

8 01 2015

8th Annual Whispering Falls Freeze
BYOP disc golf tournament fundraiser to benefit Franklin County Area food bank

Sunday February 15th at Whispering Falls DGC

Bring your own partner
*we will attempt to match up any singles, don’t let the lack of a partner keep you from coming. The goal is to have fun and raise funds for a good cause.

$40 per team
Pro division: cash payouts
Am division: merchandise payouts
CTP’s and prizes up for grabs.

***Please if you are attending let us know so we can be prepared for lunch. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the grub, so be sure to be let us know you’re coming.

27 holes, mixed pins.

Check-in/registration: 9A-10A
Player’s meeting: 10:15A
Shotgun tee: 10:30A
Awards to follow


Brad Lescalleet
e. brad
c. 717.404.6114

7th Annual Whispering Falls Freeze

17 02 2014

Another Whispering Falls Freeze is in the books, with many thanks to the 52 players that braved the cold, and at times, miserable conditions to come out and join us. With at least 8 inches of snow on the ground everywhere and drifts approaching two feet it was a challenge to be sure. The “Baton Death March” was definitely interesting, but everyone survived.

Big thanks to everyone that spent time out there shoveling tee pads: Matt, Russ, Thom, Boger, Mark, Tim and Ben. Even bigger thanks to the Antrim Township Road Crew for getting the park opened up and plowed for us. I know after a 10inch snow fall the park was at the bottom of their priority list, but knowing we had an event scheduled they made it happen for us.

Thank you to everyone that always helps behind the scenes with check in, score checking and most importantly food prep: Mom, Dad, Cari, Russ, Thom and Stiles.

Thanks to all the players participation we are able to make a $300 donation to Maranatha Food Pantry.

Thanks to Roy Pitz for the swag donation for CTP. Dave Newlin took it down.

No aces were hit and Brad C. won the CTP throw off.

Underdogs (Jay and Skip Hummel): 73: $100
Last Minutes (Dan Becker and Justin Duncan): 74: $50
Holden Stable (Brendan and Tighe Holden): 75: $35
Team Sober (Wayne Nordberg and Andy Slater): 78: $20
John & Johnson (John Buck and Shawn Johnson): 78: $20
NovaHoes (Chadd O’Brien and Ryan): 79: $20
Team Eric B (Eric Buschman and Eric Boger): 79: $20
Mass Attack (Travis and Anthony): 80
TMNT (Steve Minnick and Erich): 80
Hotdog Down A Hallway (Kelly Dunnavant and David Newlin): 81
Disc So Hard (Rob and Brad): 81
The Snakes (Timski and Ian Donnakay): 81
Me and My B*tch (Russ and Brad): 82
Indignus Et Superbus (Hawk and Mark Stiles): 85
Disc Who (Tim and Aaron): 117

No Name (David and Austin): 76: $80
EPDG (Chris Rogus and Gusty Golden): 81: $40
Tigerbomb (Chad and Jason): 83: $20
The Tricksy Hobbits (Mark Diedering and Ron Hoover): 83: $20
Chunky Tuna Fish (Brian Fish and Brian Junkins): 84: $15
Pin Hyzer (Greg Walter and Shawn Wenger): 85: $15
Cheeba Chew (Matt Shaffer and Jason Williams): 90
Love Connection (Ben Shifflett and Mark): 91
Sprechen Sie Disc (Dustin Sullivan and Wayne Trump): 91
Dr. Wang (Matt Swartz and Thom Moore): 95
Roy Pitz (Ryan and Chris): 97

7th Annual Whispering Falls Freeze

21 01 2014

It is that time again. The time when we put on our beanies and put some hand warmers in the pockets and go golfing in the name of fund. Fundraising that is. It’s the 7th Annual Whispering Falls Freeze- a charity event benefiting the Maranatha Food Pantry and those less fortunate in our own communities.

Come out and play. Bring some extra coin for donations. Non-perishable food donations. Come lend a hand at tourney central. Donate beer for the CTB. Tons of ways you can help out, no effort is too small or unappreciated. Let me know if you want to help out.

Preregistration is encouraged and highly appreciated by your TD.


Fresh chains!

11 11 2013


Brad Lescalleet
c. 717.404.6114

6th WF Freeze ’13 recap

19 02 2013

It was a windy snowy cold day for disc golf, but that didn’t stop 80 golfers from coming out to help support those less fortunate in our community. This was our largest turnout of any event, and almost doubled our biggest Freeze! I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out to play, without you guys it would just be Russell and I walking through the woods holding hands. As long people keep coming to play we’ll keep running the best events we can.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity we are writing a check to Maranatha Food Pantry in Chambersburg for $600! Thank you so much.

Thanks to everyone that helped behind the scenes that made this possible. Without the support this event wouldn’t happen, let alone be as successful as it was.
Greg Lescalleet and Leslie Lescalleet for all the cooking, hauling, handing out and checking in and just general overall awesomeness.
Cari Lescalleet for administrative assistance and letting me spend so much time on the course.
Russell Johnston for being the peanut butter to my jelly. And making a couple nice putts.
Thomas Moore for being a shining beacon of what a great club volunteer is supposed to be- map printing and CTB contributions
Dan Becker for cookies, score checking and general support at each and every event.
Matt Swartz for constant behind the scenes support.
Andy Johnston for lunchtime assistance
Dawn Gogin for making awesome mashed potatoes, even if Dick didn’t tell you.
Judy Stayman for scrumptious scones and cookie bars.
Mike Solt MrDiscGolf for CTP donations and being an outstanding tournament director that we all can strive to mimic.
Chas Ford for CTP donations and all the tireless and thankless hours spent as Pennsylvania State Coordinator
Ian Donnakay for the awesome trophy paintings for our winners
Roy Pitz Brewery for the prize donations. And for Daddy Fat Sacks, mmmmmmm
Antrim Township, ATCP Park Committee and the Antrim Road Crew for all the past and future support of disc golf and Whispering Falls DGC
Kelly Dunnavant for playing to my expectations and putting some extra scrilla in my pocket.
Anyone that calls the Falls their home

The big winners were Maranatha Food Pantry in Chambersburg- $600.

Disc of Choice CTP’s co-sponsored by MrDiscGolf Mike Solt
6B Kelly Dunnavant
7B Matt Blaine
15A Malcom Heber
23 Brad Beeson ACE!
27 Dustin Sullivan, Flying Dog 6 pack, sponsored by PA State Coordinator Chas Ford

Joel Provencher
Rob Smith
Konrad Pawloski
Wayne Trump

Ace Pot Throw Off: I missed the winner and how much they won

Consolation Ace Pot- Bad Brad Beeson aced hole 23 but wasn’t in the ace pot. DOH! For his efforts he took home a fresh growler of Roy Pitz.

JGME : John Gregory & Matthew Evans : 80 : $70
Down Goes Hammer Time : Earl Frazier & Owen Hileman : 85 : $45
Erectile Dysfunction : Hawk Corrick & Dan Becker : 86 : $30
Team Loudmouth : Jay. Gobrecht & Linc Morgan : 86 : $30
Doubletime : Timski Minefski & Ian Donnakay : 86 : $30
Me and My B*tch : Russell Johnston & Brad Lescalleet : 89 : $15
Erford Assassins : Justin Weaver & Matt Hamilton : 89 : $15
Advanced Renovations : Josh Williams & Mike Sherwood : 90 : $4
Stoned Cold Sober : Brad Beeson & Chad Colins : 90 : $4
NASTY : Joel Provencher & Rob Smith : 90 : $4
Cracker And Son : Travis Foreman & Scott Hunt : 90 : $4
Bogey Free : Anthony Massullo & Travis Davis : 90 : $4
The G Grooves : Rick Romeo & Greg Wysham : 90 : $4
A Booger In The Bush : Eric Boger & Eric Buschman : 91
Salami And Cheese : Jay Hummel & Justin Seersman : 92
Slapsgiving : Kelly Dunnavant & David Newlin : 95
Bear And The Wolf : 99

XXXL : Greg Service & Justin Duncan : 87 : $60
Young Guns : Tyler Hamilton & Mike Beshore : 93 : $40
Team Yeti : Jason Williams & Matt Shaffer : 94 : $25
Silent Spice : John Buck & Malcom Heber : 94 : $25
Bagger Avenue : Gary Sheaffer & Steve Miller : 94 : $25
Team Name Optional : Andrew Bankert & James Elkins : 95 : $15
Ham And Eggs : Brian Fish & Steve Marinich : 96 : $15
EPDG : Chris Rogus & Jay Caton : 97 : $10
Fredrock : Billy Rommal & Randall Earls : 98 : $10
Team 540 : Dustin K & Thomas P : 99 : $10
Blind Date : Ben Shifflet & Ron Hoover : 99 : $10
Top Or Bottom : Matt Blaine & Robert Lovelace : 99 : $10
Black Rock : Pat Upham : Johnner Taylor : 100
Mirkin Parade : Conrad Pawloski & Tim McFillian : 100
Team Hawk : George Schaffer & Brett Boyd : 101
Team 304 : Dave Bostic & Jake Kaiser : 104
Gogin Boys : Dick Gogin & Brent Gogin : 106
Panty Raiders Of The Lost Ark : Wayne Trump & Dustin Sullivan : 108
Roy Pitz : Ryan Richards & Calvin Shearer : 109
Noname : Jason Beldon & Jason Salters : 110
PoorHousers : Robert & Luke : 115
Short Pohl : Scott Pohl & Mike Short : 115

6th Annual Whispering Falls Freeze

4 01 2013

6th Annual Whispering Falls Freeze, charity tournament
Sunday February 17th

*** If you are planning to attend, or know someone who is, please let me know for lunch purposes. Our volunteers greatly appreciate an approximate headcount.***

Invite your friends and spread the word!

Come play all 27 at Whispering Falls and help support those less fortunate in our community.

All proceeds will go to Chambersburg Area Food Bank.

• Bring Your Own Partner doubles

• $30/team

• Two divisions
-Paper (cash payout) and Plastic (merchandise payout

• Lunch provided!

• Lots of CTP prizes and side games

• Open to all skill levels

• Layout TBD

Even if you don’t have a partner, come out anyway, we will pair you up or you can play Schizo (one extra shot per hole).

Registration: 8:30A-9:30A
Player’s Meeting: 9:45A
Shotgun Tee: 10:00A

If you can’t make it and still want to help out, donations for the food bank are greatly appreciated.

If you want to help with the event in any way, let me know. Volunteers are always accepted and appreciated.

See you on the course-


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